Erie ART GALLERY is an exhibit/performance space established, supported and operated by Brad Ford and volunteers. Its mission is to promote exemplary and challenging work in a non-commercial alternative setting. It acts as a laboratory where artists can experiment with new ideas and diverse media to advance their work. It makes available to its gallery supporters and the ERIE community a creative space that can further artistic diversity and innovation in the context of a collaborative network.

Erie ART GALLERY is a project created from the needs of the community and is funded through the Erie Art Company. The Erie Art Company is a non-profit corporation founded in 2013, is dedicated to the advancement of innovative and exemplary education projects. Together with community leader we plan to create projects that have a particularly focused on arts-based educational initiatives. We have our Non-Profit corporation set up and we are actively working on our 501c(3). If you would like to help us meet our goals for the community please donate.

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