Brad Ford’s Newest Painting on display at The Erie Art Museum

Turkey Salad, 2021

Acrylic, Spray Paint, and Marker on reclaimed canvas $500

This piece was created from the current daily routine of the Pandemic. I have always been a cartoonist and I have several characters that I have developed for a comic series. This was a step to combine what I love to draw and communicate in a more classical medium. Though this piece is contemporary in voice I used my classical art training to elicitate a deeper connection with my past and present.

I hope to convey 21st century postmodernism – specifically the Kitsch Movement. Kitsch is all about embracing everything that is possible in art. That means that a painting done in a cartoon style does not have to be an ironic statement “about cartoons,” or a rebellion against commercial culture – it can just be what it is. The boundaries between what is “high art” and “low art” are broken, and Kitsch painting can be whatever the artist wants it to be and whatever the viewer wants it to be.

Welcome to the 98th annual Spring Show of 2021, a juried exhibition of the very best local and regional art. We want to thank everyone who submitted work this year and congratulate all those accepted into the show.

Every year the Museum, in partnership with Edinboro University, invites an artist, curator or critic from outside the region to jury the Spring Show. This year’s show was juried by American artist, ceramicist, social activist, spoken word poet, and educator Roberto Lugo. Lugo picked 92 pieces by 67 artists, out of more than 450 submissions to be included in the exhibition. In addition, Lugo selected five works to receive Juror’s Distinction Awards.

Please note all objects are for sale unless specifically marked NFS (Not for Sale). All proceeds support the artists and the Erie Art Museum