Call for Art of 8 inches x 8 inches works. Show us your Erie.





ELIGIBILITY: Participation in this exhibit is open to everybody: new artists, veteran artists, non-artist, young and old artists, artists who are showing their work for the first time and artists who have been showing their work for years. The 8 x 8 exhibition celebrates the local community and community arts. All artwork must be for sale.




  • $10 flat fee to submit up to 3 paintings and $10 per submission after.
  • Canvases are available at Erie Art Gallery to purchase for $5
    • Artists can choose to use their own canvases
  • Canvases ( artwork) must be 8 inches x 8 inches ( if you add a frame and its 9 inches it will be returned )
  • Artwork can be any style, any medium, and any subject. ( yes photos , digital prints etc)
    • Erie Art Gallery reserves the right to refuse artwork based on subject matter.


Artwork entries can be hand delivered to Gallery, 24 West 8th, Erie PA, 16501 The submission dates are August 1st to Sept 1st  at 6 pm eastern. Entry forms are available online or at Gallery. They must be completely filled out, signed and submitted with art work and payment. Blank canvases can be picked up at the gallery starting July 30th. Canvases can be bought at the gallery for $5 each . Gallery Hours are  W-Th-Fri , 1-5 & Saturday 1-6pm.


Sales: All pieces are for sale. The artist will split the money 60/40. EAG will set the sales price between $25 – $50 unless specified by the artist .


SIZE CRITERIA: Work cannot exceed the dimensions of 8 inches x 8 inches x 8 inches, including any frame, backing, case or stand. All wall hung work must be exactly 8 x 8, see samples on Gallery website or  Facebook. 8 x 8 canvasses can be purchased online at amazon. Locally at Michaels or at Erie art Gallery for the exhibit at: EAG 24 west 8th 16501


DISPLAY CRITERIA: 2D artwork must be ready to hang with a tight wire across the back at least 2 inches below the top. The wire cannot extend above the edge of the work and no alligator (sawtooth) hangers allowed. 3D work must be ready to display on shelves or stands. All artwork must be securely identified on the back (2D work) or bottom (3D work) with the title, price and artist’s name.


Artist Reception: A reception will be held for artists who submit their work on September 14th 7 – 9 pm. This will be a great opportunity to purchase other local artists works and meet others.


Submission Fee:


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