Erie Art Gallery will be moving from its storefront at 24 West 8th street to make room for Erie’s next entrepreneur:  Brooklynn Harris.

Brooklynn’s mission is  to integrate the beauty and business industry. By providing a professional atmosphere for clients and a private setting for beauty professionals who are interested in entrepreneurship. Bklassy Salon Suites is a place for professionals who are ready to step out on their own instead of working in a traditional salon/spa setting. This includes making their own schedule, rules, building clientele and becoming their own boss. We offer mentorship, educational workshops and successful marketing techniques to ensure the success of our team. We encourage professionals to be independent, innovative, perfect their trade and meet financial goals, while maintaining state guidelines & providing 5-star customer service. We are the only one-stop shop filled with entrepreneurs that provide a variety of services (skin, hair, body, nails, wellness) for men and women of all ages, ethnic & financial groups in our area. Downtown Erie is the perfect location for our unique business.

Erie Art Gallery is excited about this shift and will continue its mission to create a living experience in community development, while developing more agile and exciting pop-up art galleries in our area. Brad Ford can be reached at his new studio location 3S3 PACA Arts Center for additional details about these new artistic programs and events.

City Council member David Breann said in 2018, “Any time we bring art into our community, it can be transformational,” Brennan said. “We need an active and vibrant 24-7 downtown where families and people want to live.” The gallery helped to establish this and will continue with the addition of Brooklynn Harris’ vision, Bklassy Salon Suites at that location. The Erie Strong mission that began in 2014, continues.

Brooklyn Harris

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